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Heart & Hands



What is Imagine?

We move on.

Times are changing. The population on Chios is decreasing day by day as more people are moved to the main land while no new boats arrive, and it's time for us to move along. After 4.5 years in Chios, we have shut down our operation, donated our equipment to local organizations and boarded the ferry to Athens  where many of our former students now reside.


Follow us on our  2021 IN ATHENS page for updates on our work in Athens




The Imagine Project is an education and community center helping refugees and asylum seekers in Greece obtain skills that will serve them in their new lives, In Greece or the EU. We believe that this is the way to help both refugees and the communities that will absorb them in the future. Education, languages, computer literacy are critical tools.

The Imagine project is operated by HUMANS FOR HUMANS (580644987), an Israeli based NGO, and funded by private donations. We are not EU funded.

Since April 2017 we are based in Chios, Greece.

What are we doing?

We operate an education and community center for adult refugees and asylum seekers on the island of Chios in Greece. close to 6,000 refugees live on the island. They left their homeland and now find themselves in a situation where they have no access to education, employment, language learning, or integration in the community. hey are secluded, separated , living in a refugee camp for long periods of time.

We provide language courses in Greek and English in a continuous matter suited to all nationalities.

We offer computer proficiency classes from basic beginners to programming and Photoshop, our students use  the computer lab for advanced on-line courses, internet access and keeping in touch with their loved ones back home.

Alongside languages and computer skills we offer workshops in carpentry and  arts and crafts, sculpture and painting, first aid training, leisure and sports activities (yoga, swimming, soccer, ping pong, movies and free wi-fi) and  social and legal services.

Legal services, psycho-social  and awareness sessions are provided by different organizations we host at the center regularly. We also provide cultural training to assist in a smoother transition into European culture.

We distribute food and cloths according to need and aid vulnerable refugees in any way we can.

The Numbers of our work as of April 2020:

  • There are  about 6000 refugees living on the island

  • Of which about 5500 are in the distant Vial camp, in caravans, tents and outside. They are completely exposed to the weather. Another 500 live in the city, in UN apartments and streets

  • We provide 60 classes and workshops a week

  • The center is open 6 days a week

  • We have our own private bus 6 times a week  to and from the camp 

  • Every day we provide 150 hot meals for refugees who come to us hungry

  • We provide clothes, shoes and sleeping bags upon need

  • We have about 100-120 visitors daily

  • The Center provides over 15 hours of legal, medical and social aid per week

  • We provide weekly food aid to several of our students

  • We offer non professional sports activities 

  • We operate a child safe space inside the center for children 0-6

Why  we chose CHIOS?

Because the distress here is terrible, boats laden with refugees continue to arrive all the time, despair is great, suicide attempts are routine. Many of the NGOs that were working in Chios have left, leaving the few that stayed behind to deal with growing needs.

Who finances you?

Donations, we all non-paid volunteers so that the cost of the project is mostly rent and bills, equipment, insurance, transport. food, office supplies, cloths and more

What would be done with the money I donate?

The money goes directly to finance the activity

Can I donate equipment and cloths?

YES! Winter is here and the needs are huge, we need winter cloths and shoes and while we would rather buy locally ( cheaper and no shipping charges) we will accept shipments of cloths and shoes, men's mostly, in good condition only: walking shoes, jackets, socks, underwear, shirts, sleeping bags, tents). We also need reading books in English, French and Arabic.

please address your shipments to Imagine center, 2 Omirou St, Chios, Greece 82100

Thank you