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We move on.

Times are changing. The population on Chios is decreasing day by day as more people are moved to the main land while no new boats arrive, and it's time for us to move along. After 4.5 years in Chios, we have shut down our operation, donated our equipment to local organizations and boarded the ferry to Athens  where many of our former students now reside.

After 3 months of assessment prior to leaving Chios we have decided  to offer certified courses in Athens that will help our students and other refugees gain employment in Greece.

We are teaming up with Greek certified schools and instructors to make this happen! all of our students will receive a certification of completion of their Greek studies and/or their vocational training!

We are also accepting applications from candidates who wish to join our Greek studies in September! these requests should be sent to our email :

Candidates should be refugees over 25 years old, residing in Athens, with a basic understanding of English  and/or Greek and /or French/Arabic.

We hope to assist as many students as possible acquire a language and a profession.

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