We are currently raising funding for our new education and vocational training initiative in Athens


ALL the donations we receive go directly to finance our activity. Each Dollar, Euro or NIS helps us help others. We see our donors as partners in our work.


Here are a few examples of what we do with the donations, every sum helps someone:

0.40 euros is 1 bar of soap

​11 Euros are a pair of shoes. Brand new

13 Euros are 10 gallons of bleach for cleaning toilets and showers in camp

​14 Euros will allow us to deliver a care package for a baby or toddler in the camp

Donate 30 Euros and you just bought notebooks and pens for 50 students

65 Euros are sanitary napkins for 50 women

With 100 Euros we can run 4 daily workshops in urban agriculture or carpentry or arts and crafts

Donate 200 Euros and you covered food costs for a whole week, this includes hot meals, fruits, bread, and tea for 150 people per day

OR you can Donate 300 Euros and you covered the rent, bills, and food for our emergency apartment for women

400 Euros covers a month of kindergarten services

500 Euros will allow us to purchase new sensory equipment for the kindergarten

Donate 1400 Euros and you covered a month of bus services for our students

Donate 2000 Euros and you covered psycho-social aid for 2 months (up to 2 psychologists or social workers working daily.


To donate via bank transfer from outside of Israel:


Bank Discount Israel( 11)


account number : 148727664

Branch : 187

IBAN: IL140111870000148727664 ( for NIS)

IBAN: IL61 0111 8700 0015 4337 201 ( for USD)

IBAN: IL42 0111 8700 0015 4337 058 ( for EU)

In Israel


BANK Discount ISRAEL (11)

Branch: 187

Account number: 91751

Or thru Paybox, Bit or Pepper to 0543256494


For any inquiries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you!