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We're  currently not looking for volunteers and we will update when we again begin recruiting!

We want to thank over 300 volunteers who took part in the project in the last 4.5 years, you are truly a light shining in dark times.


if your English is excellent,  you are willing and able to teach, and you're a team player, hard worker, and treat all humans as equals, join us!

We provide training and housing, we pay the bills and food, equipment costs, insurance,  and we provide on line support. 


Volunteering at IMAGINE is for a minimum of 1 month.

Volunteering with us can be hard, long hours and great responsibility, so we screen our volunteers. Training is mandatory and volunteers work as a team.

We do not accept volunteers under 21 or for periods of less than 1 month.



Our work is totally  voluntary and we need your help to keep going.


All donations go to funding our activities in Greece. We have no salaries and no overhead. 

To donate please click on the donations link at the top of the page.

You can earmark your donation for a specific lesson or skill we will provide to our students. 



we encourage our volunteers to bring their skills to IMAGINE.

If you have a professional skill you can teach, we’re here for you!

English, German and Greek teachers


Cooking instructors

First aid trainers

Artists and Jewelry makers

Self-defense and sports instructors

EU certified lawyers

English, French and Arabic or Farsi speaking social workers

Can't find your skills on the list?

Contact us and offer your skills. We are open to suggestions.

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