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In the beginning of March 2020 Covid 19 restrictions were issued in Greece and worldwide and we must stay closed for the time being.

But being closed does not mean we do not work to support our students and refugees living in camp and in the city.

Delivering aid:

We have a trained team of students working in the camp for the past 6 weeks, we are able to deliver supplies to them and they clean, collect trash, distribute soap and hygiene products and identify needs and bring them to our attention. Together we delivered 2.5 tons of the most needed supplies: soap, bleach, diapers, food, sanitary napkins and more.

For the past 3 years we urged the international organizations and camp management to involve the refugees in camp/needs management , in fact refugee involvement is what is keeping people clean and giving hope in the past 6 weeks, not international or local volunteers or aid workers.

English one on one:

We  began our English one on one project where several of our students were paired with a volunteer for English conversation practice 3 times a week on watsup. This keeps our students up on their studies and provides social support in these uncertain times. We send homework to camp for our beginner and ABC level students printed materials are easier for lower level English).

Temporary accommodations:

Since we do not have international volunteers in Chios now,  we decided to house refugees in our apartments for the time being, we were able to get 13 persons out of camp, mostly women and children, We pay rent and bills, provide food and cleaning supplies to all of them.


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