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Our accommodations project has been operating since December 2018.  In March 2020 we decided to extend it. At any given time we are hosting 10-12 persons and we are planning to expand further.

Who do we host ?


We host primarily refugees and asylum seekers with personal circumstances  that make it harder to survive in the refugee camp. 

Starting June 2020 we also host some refugees who had their accommodations cut off  due to the Greek government decisions

Read more here:

refugees lose accommodations

What does  our hosting include?

Our hosting includes a room in a shared house, bills ,and basic food and Hygiene aid. There is no need for other NGOS to provide food aid to persons living in our accommodations. The apartments are fully equipped.

We expect all those participating in the project to take part in language classes twice a week( mandatory) and to manage the houses together amicably.  We do ask persons to leave if they can not follow the house rules. Ample notice is given.

How can I apply for accommodations?

To apply please email


please note that we operate at a limited capacity.

How can I support the project?

Accommodating a refugee or asylum seeker is  estimated at 150 EU per person. 

You can donate thru the  link:

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