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The Team

Ms Tamar Dressler

Hod Hasharon, Israel

A highly motivated and experienced researcher and journalist, well acquainted with asylum seeking communities, IDPs and refugees in Israel and abroad, with 15 years' experience of working with disadvantaged communities in Israel; Haiti, Africa, Jordan, and Nepal.

I am well networked in the humanitarian and aid society and dedicated to humanitarian assistance.

In the past year I volunteered in Chios with BAAS and was the team leader for NATAN, an Israeli aid organization. In 2017 I founded IMAGINE.

Mrs. Sharon Ramon

Ramat Gan, Israel

an expert in developing and building educational programs and systems. I have over 15 year of hands-on and academic experience. I've worked in many countries and in crisis zones . I am highly creative and adaptive to changes and challenges, a Team player with strong leadership abilities. Change thru education is my motto.

My recent project is TOGI - an application I developed that provides parents, educators and children with solutions to many daily situations and needs.  At TOGI we want to create a change in the way we live today in being more active and more involved.

Mr. Tzuri King

Ashkelon, Israel

A dreamer, traveler, marathonist, swimming coach, social activist and Blogger, while traveling in Nepal, I was a part of a group of volunteers that renovated an orphanage in the Himalayas, providing a secure residence for orphan children. Later I became one of a handful of Israelis who crossed Europe solo on a bicycle (5000 km. I  used cycling to raise 50,000 NIS for homeless people in Israel and use sports and travel to reach out to people and build communities. In the past months, I initiated a winter clothes drive for Syrian children and managed to send several tons of clothes across the border.

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